Aerial Photography

Construction Progress

If you're looking to document construction consider signing up for this service on a monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly schedule. Contractors are often required to generate monthly reports for the investors of the project.


Aerial Photos are an extremely effective way to show investors the status of a project.

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Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Property owners looking to buy or sell a property often need to know exactly what a site looks like prior to closing on the property.


While Google Earth and other online mapping services provide an accurate means to get an overview of a property and it's surrounding area, custom aerial photography is the only way to know what a site looks like now. Click here for more information


Personal Property


Some of the most rewarding projects we've worked on include aerial photographs of personal property. A custom framed aerial photograph makes and wonderful gift for friends or loved ones. more info


Anything else you can imagine

Don't let our existing customer base determine you're creative use of aerial photography. We've shot projects for a variety of non-traditional uses. Home Fields, a company specializes in making miniature stadiums and models and has used our photography. We've also shot photos for customers looking to integrate aerial photography into Google Sketchup work flows to facilitate model creation and detailed 3D analysis..

- photos of sample products will be coming soon


Printing and Framing options

- We will also be posting a few photos of the framed printed photos shortly, standby.

If you’re looking for a company who can turn your aerial imagery concepts into stunning reality, contact Something In The Sky today!